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Philosophy on how we work with Tribal Nations:

  • We recognize Tribal communities themselves are the source of cultural knowledge and legal authority through leaders, elders, and culture-bearers.

  • We believe that Tribal communities should control the design and form of their laws and the enhancement of their governmental institutions.

  • We believe that Tribal laws should be developed through a representative and inclusive community-based process.

  • We commit to designing “do-it-yourself” tools that can be tailored for the needs of particular Tribal communities rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

  • We commit to identifying and working with local consultants and those with expertise in the targeted communities.

  • We commit to working with those organizations that are willing to be accountable to Tribal nations and that support our mission.

  • We commit to making resources readily available in a variety of formats at the lowest cost possible.

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